Debra Blaine

Debra E. Blaine, was born in New York City and grew up on Long Island, NY. She received her BA in Philosophy and Hebrew at the University of Texas at Austin, before going on for graduate studies in Comparative Religion at Temple University. She attended Baylor College of Medicine to earn her MD in 1987, and has practiced medicine on Long Island for thirty years.

The changing face of medicine, which reflects the changing attitudes of Western society, has compelled her to return to her earliest dreams: to engage with and attempt to influence our world through writing and the exchange of ideas. A world increasingly scourged by greed in so many corners, and so far adrift from the practices of integrity, gratitude, and kindness that should be our primary values.

Debra is a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Group Leader Coach who helps physicians and other professionals avoid or overcome "burnout" and bring joy and humanity back into their lives.